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Get Involved

Whether you're interested in meeting up with me in your city, doing some volunteer work on your own, or would like to learn some free ways to give back, you're in the right place!  

Volunteer w_ Liz.HEIC

1. Grocery gift cards

Low-cost ways to help

Volunteering doesn't need to break the bank! These low-cost ways to help are affordable, easy, and guaranteed to make those in need a little more comfortable than they were before. 

Grocery gift cards are a great way to ensure someone is getting access to food or water without having to offer money. 

2. Food or water

Traveling with extra snacks or water helps ensure you are prepared if you encounter someone in need.

3. #40for40

Take on the challenge! Feed 40 people for $40. 

Free Ways to Help


Scout Used Homegoods

Unwanted, lightly-used household items can be dropped off to your local shelter. These items are distributed to those offered low-income housing without the means to furnish their space. 

You can give away your own unwanted stuff or scout items from the free/giveaway/curb alert sections of Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. 


Pass Out Shelter Information

Create cards with the contact information of your local shelters, as well as any shower, laundry, or food service days offered by these organizations. Have your cards ready to pass out next time you come across someone in need.

Transporting Phil_s Bike.HEIC

Showcase Human Kindness

Reminding someone they are not alone costs zero dollars. Instead of walking or driving by when you see someone in need, consider saying hello, offering a phone call, water, or meal. These small acts of advocacy could truly turn someone's day around. 



More often than not, people experiencing homelessness are avoided or ignored. Let them know you're friendly and approachable with a smile just as you would anybody else!


Start a Conversation

Say hello, ask someone how they are, or if they're ok. These are easy conversation starters to let someone know they are seen as an equal. 

Approaching those in need

The best way to approach someone who you believe is experiencing homelessness is to simply approach them as you would any other person walking down the street. Start by saying hello and engaging in friendly conversation asking how they are or if they are doing ok. 

Offer Support.png

Offer Support

When it feels time, inform the person in need that you're an advocate for people experiencing homelessness and you'd like to help them if they need. 

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