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#40for40 Challenge

Do you accept the challenge to feed 40 people for $40?


How to do it

This is a budget friendly way to help those in need. Why stop at people experiencing homelessness? Consider feeding anyone in your area in need of a meal. 


  • Shop Smart - If you plan to take on this challenge more than once, stock up on your PB&J, bags and wax paper so you don't have to buy it again next time.

  • Stick to your budget - Don't get lost in name brands, it is more affordable to buy store brand items and they're almost always just as good!

  • No food waste - Any leftover meals can be brought to a local shelter for distribution.

Cost < $4


A loaf of bread doesn't break the bank. For this challenge you'll need 40 sandwiches and your goal is to keep each loaf under $1. 

Cost < $3

Peanut Butter

Like jelly, peanut butter also covers a lot of bread. Find peanut butter for under $3 and that should be enough.

Cost < $4

Case of Water

A case of water varies in price but try to find 40 bottles for under $4. 

Cost < $2

Wax Paper

This is to wrap up your sandwiches. Get creative if you have another option, but stick to your budget!

Cost < $2


A jar of jelly goes a long way. An average size jar should make at least 40 sandwiches. Try staying under $2.

Cost < $12


Get creative here. I like fruit snacks and granola bars. Some stores offer 40 pouches of fruit snacks for under $6 and around 40 granola bars for under $6.

Cost < $3

Gallon Bags

I have found up to 80 bags for under $3 in some stores. I find clear bags work best because people can see what you're offering them.

Remaining Money


Bananas are a great source of potassium for people who are outside all day. The remaining money (about $10-14) should be enough for 40 bananas. Try to find them for around $0.59/lb.

*Prices based on shopping at Walmart*

I love what you are doing! You've inspired me to be a part of your cause, I want to join you with the 40 meals for $40.

Cyndi Fregoni

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